Primrose Hill Practice


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Rolfing® Structural Integration Is a unique system of bodywork therapy that uses a slow, deep, yet sensitive style of touch to bring about profound changes in how the body feels and moves.
Many clients find it deeply relieving and the work can potentially resolve discomfort, release tension and alleviate pain. The work aims to restore flexibility and balance, and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body. The genius of the work rests on Dr. Rolf’s insight that the body is more at ease and functions most effectively when its structure is balanced in gravity.

Nico is an exceptionally talented Rolfer. I have recently had some sessions with him and am blown away by the release this practice brings
— Nikki Slade


Clinic - £70
Home Visit - £150

Sessions - 60 mins

Practice Locations

Primrose Hill
Tuesday (10am - 9pm)
Saturday (10am - 6pm)
Sunday (10am - 6pm) 

Belsize Park
Mondays (on request)

About Nico

Nico trained as a Rolfer in 2013 following 7 years working as a massage therapist following a training in dance and somatic practices at the Laban Centre for contemporary dance in London.

“I believe there is tremendous value in skillful therapeutic touch that can play a positive role in helping people through difficulties that have an embodied manifestation, improving movement and overall sense of well being. I am proud to be working as a Rolfer and strive to create a professional, caring and therapeutic experience for all who come through my door"

In addition to his therapy work Nico also has an entrepreneurial spirit and in 2013 co-founded the Morning Gloryville breakfast rave movement, championing dance, community and connection.

Nico Thoemmes is an exceptionally talented Rolfer®. I have recently had Rolfing with him and I am blown away by the release this practice brings. I prophesy he will go down as one of the greatest body workers of our time, up there with ALEXANDER founder of the Alexander technique
— Nikki Slade, Voice Coach